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Resume for John Murphy

John J. Murphy

14 Depot Street, Westford, MA 01886    cell: (978) 888-1107 email:



Business Development



Professional Profile:



Outstanding interpersonal skills along with high motivation to engage, sell and achieve.


10+ years’ experience in Business Development, Sales and Account Management.


Superb verbal and written communication skills with ability to engage at all levels of business or tech.


Extremely creative with experience creating own marketing plans both traditional and social media based.


Core Competencies:



Cold Calling                                         CRM                                                      Marketing                           Social Media



Relationship Management           Account Management                   Upselling                              Presentations   



Professional Experience:



Logan Data, Inc. – Westford, MA                                                                                          May – Nov 2019

Business Development


Research and aggressively prospect to develop new business through networking and cold calling.


Establish relationships and create appointments to engage in a discovery call or a demo.


Design and implement marketing campaigns in New England area through email and live events.


Regularly attend technical Meetup events, along with industry specific tech events in New England.


Foster and grow relationships with multiple verticals.


Design and implement a strategic territory plan that expands company’s customer base.


NetBrain Technologies – Burlington, MA                

Account Executive                                                                                                                  2015-2019


Average close time for deals 6 months in a standard 2 year sales cycle.


Consistent leader for the in all key metrics.


Exceeded conversion rate from discovery call to next steps.


Develop and execute sales strategies to close enterprise organizations around the globe


Pre-Sales Solutions Engineer                                                                                                


Utilized interpersonal skills and technical knowledge to effectively demonstrate and close enterprise deals including British Telecom, Fujitsu and Royal Bank of Scotland.


Provide guidance throughout the sales process tackling the customer challenges through NetBrain use cases.


Create and deliver technical presentations and demonstrations, in an effective manor, to internal and external customers.


Consistently led SE team in number of demonstrations averaged monthly.



Akamai Technologies, Cambridge, MA                  

Provisioning Manager, Europe, Middle East, Africa (EMEA)                                               2010-2014



Directed 150 server deployment projects to Data Centers in the EMEA region


Managed entry of all data relating to project into Siebel and provide weekly update to senior management


Administered deployment and communicate power/outlet details of new Akamai racks to dependent Engineering groups


Ordered and tracked cross connects from 10G + uplinks to and between Akamai racks


Procured ipv4 and ipv6 blocks from internal network architecture as well as bandwidth providers 


Comtel Group, Waltham, MA                                            

Senior Account Manager                                                                                                       2007-2010



Analyze prospect Telecom invoicing and make recommendations for voice and data service.


Order and track bandwidth circuitry and manage delivery to customer prem.


Manage vendor performance from POP availability through delivery and turn-up of service.


Responsible for all project management and provisioning of new, and upgrades to existing voice and data network customers.


Manage vendor performance during outages and drive escalations on behalf of customer.


Responsible for largest upgrade in Comtel history, increasing customer monthly invoice by 233%. 


Education:   Northeastern University                                                                                   Boston, Ma.

Bachelor of Arts - English                                                                                                        



InsideOut Lifestyle Soulutions March Newsletter






Hello InsideOuters


IMG 0215

Please know we are here for you. Please reach out for anything.

Here are our personal cell numbers:
Dr. Deb 603-401-4999
Dr. Doug 603-401-7010
We are available any time even if it`s just to chat.
I hope you're all safe and doing your best to be calm during this crazy time, especially as you adapt your lives to some type of normality.

If anything good can come from this situation it may give us the opportunity to take the time to reflect on where we are in our lives and where we may want to make changes to become the best versions of ourselves.


IMG 3098

IMMUNITY Where does it come from?

We invite you to join us now and take a deep breath, send out love to those you care for, smile, go for a walk or run, exercise, read a great book, watch an inspiring video or movie, move your thoughts into a state of gratitude rather than fear, listen to great calming music, meditate, take a nap, drink clean water and eat healthy foods. All of this helps move you into your parasympathetic nervous system, which enhances immune function. Stress on the other hand moves you into your sympathetic nervous system which decreases immune function. By doing our best to manage stress, especially now, we enhance our body's God-given ability to be healthy, vibrant and alive. We are always either moving towards health or away from it.
Let us tell you that when we don`t follow our health-conscious lifestyle our immune system and health suffer. Let`s all focus on what we CAN do to strengthen our immune system.
The key to boosting your immune system comes down to lifestyle choices. Here is what we do to boost ours:
1) WE DRINK CLEAN WATER. Half our body's weight in ounces of water each day.
2) WE TRY TO GET ENOUGH SLEEP. Anything less than 7 hours a night consistently is harmful to our health.
3) WE MOVE OUR BODY. For at least 30 minutes each day and if we can, we do it outside. Something as simple as walking is fine but adding strength, balance and agility work is even better.
4) WE WORK ON REPLACING NEGATIVE THOUGHTS WITH POSITIVE. Negative thoughts increase stress on the nervous system which compromises the immune system.
5) WE STOP EATING JUNK. Sugar, excess alcohol, chemical laden foods all create stress on your brain and nervous system. We do our best to eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, healthy fats and healthy protein sources. Research shows eating 4-6 cups of plant-based foods each day will help prevent many diseases.
6) WE RELAX, MEDITATE & BREATHE. When we get stressed our breathing becomes shallower affecting the healing part of our nervous system (parasympathetic nervous system). By performing deep breathing exercises, we can increase the ability of our parasympathetic nervous system to work better which in turn leads to a stronger immune system. Click on the following link to learn more about relaxation techniques. Read more
7) WE GET ADJUSTED. Proper movement of the spine increases brain body communication which in turn can optimize our health potential.
8) WE TAKE OUR CBD OIL ON A REGULAR BASIS. We find that we sleep better, are more relaxed and less anxious and we get sick less often.
We know when we move away from these lifestyle choices our health suffers. It's not the be-all and end-all...but it's a darn good start.


IMG 3059


2.Hydrogenated oils
3.Refined grains
7.Smoking/excessive alcohol and drugs
9.Excessive news watching
10.Not going outside in nature.



"Stocking Up With Staples for Social Distancing" from the

"Social distancing is not just for people who are high-risk, but for all of us to give our neighbors, friends, hospitals, and healthcare systems a fighting chance. When you’re stocking your pantry to help limit time spent out of your home, this list will help to make delicious Blue Zones meals."Read more.


tumblr mjco89cUVY1rkz363o1 1280


InsideOuters did you know?

When we are stressed one of the first things to be affected is your sleep. In these times that is not a good thing. We need to be able to relax and get into a deep REM sleep because that is where all your healing takes place and this keeps your immune system strong. My good friend Tommy Vee who is a registered Hypnotherapist has graciously allowed us to share this guided meditation with our tribe!
The instructions are: listen as you fall asleep for at least 21 consecutive nights. You will get a better result if you wear earbuds or headphones. Please do not drive or operate machinery while listening to the meditation.

Download Relaxation & Better Sleep here.

Tommy Vee graduated in 1980 with a BS degree from Southern New Hampshire University. He has trained with Jerry Valley, George Bien, Ormond McGill and a number of other well-known hypnotherapists throughout the country. He is a Certified Instructor and Consulting Hypnotist with the National Guild of Hypnotists
His private clinical practice incorporates behavior modification, visualization and hypnosis, which bypass the conscious mind and anchor into the subconscious. Tommy is very successful in helping people break various compulsive habits as well as in areas of self-improvement and pain control. He also conducts hypnosis programs in the corporate world and hospitals throughout the country.
Please check his website here.



"Are you getting panic attacks because of what is happening, you should try CBD from my friend Deb Fudge. @insideoutsoulutions Please don’t buy this at gas station And as always GOD BLESS THE WORLD."
Oscar Chacha
Owner at OC Stone

please check his website out


IMG 3097


slider 1920x854 product line

CBD Special Offer

Throughout this crisis we are offering 25% off our complete line of CBD products. Promo code is LOVE25 Remember to hit apply once you enter the code.


IMG 0215


Love & Peace from the InsideOut,
Drs. Deb & Doug


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Meet Gina Gaudet of Gaudet Health and Wellness


Gina Gaudet is passionate about all things fitness! Founded in 2010, Gaudet Health and Wellness is a provider of health and wellness products and coaching/consulting services.Gina is passionate about staying active and make a committment to fitness goals, and helping others stay on track and keep a healthy lifestyle for years to come! Gaudet Health and Wellness offers Fitness Products and Coaching for all levels! 

Gina is responsible for managing a team of coaches to promote health and wellness, building long term relationships resulting in continuous client support and has proven customer service/sales experience with a professional staff resulting in a firm commitment to growing the business.

New England Born and Bred,  she loves all sports (go Bruins, Celtics, Sox and Patriots!).. reading and watching tv, murder mysteries and stopping to enjoy life! 

Gina looks forward to helping you live a healthy long life by setting an example of discipline and committment to long term health 

Connect with Gina ob FaceBook to get started!


Community-Based, Behavioral Health Care Organization Offers Early Intervention for children under 3 at No Cost

The first three years of a child’s life are a time of profound physical, intellectual, language, social and emotional development. 

Not a lot of families are aware that they can receive Early Intervention services for children under 3 at no cost. Children who are experiencing a developmental delay or who are at risk for delay because of family or environmental challenges can get the help they need even if they do not have insurance. Early Intervention is funded through the Department of Public Health for all children who qualify. South Bay’s Early Childhood Services program works with children and their families to ensure growth, stability and well-being during these early years. We have occupational therapists, physical therapists, nurses, mental health counselors, speech pathologists, and developmental we are able to provide several different services to these kids and their families. South Bay Community Services has several different offices in Massachusetts. Families will never receive a bill. If anyone would like more information about what we can provide, and the referral process, they can reach out to Kara at 978-483-0342 and she will be happy to answer any questions and make referrals if they would like to have their child evaluated


Meet Rev. Carrie Ives


Rev. Carrie Ives is a Spiritual Director, Interfaith Minister, and Avatar Master, encouraging and promoting the understanding of the universality of Love as a tool for transformation. 

Since her ordination in June of 2013, Carrie has been blessed to serve as the officiant for marriages and baby blessings.  She has led worship services in UU and Congregational churches and has facilitated workshops on various topics of spirituality.

In April 2015, she became officially certified as a spiritual director through San Damiano House of Prayer, affiliated with Cardinal Stritch University. This allows her to walk with people toward greater connection with the Divine, however one understands Him/Her. Carrie began exploring through the Avatar Course in 2015, and she became a licensed Avatar Master in December of that year. The Avatar program has expanded the tools and skills Carrie has for her own growth, and she is pleased to offer these to her clients.

If you are in need of spiritual coaching, direction, or mentoring give Rev. Carrie a call or email at | 617-869-4964


Meet Tami Dristiliaris of The Law offices of Tami Dristiliaris


Attorney Tami M. Dristiliaris is a Suffolk University Law School graduate, cum laude, and also a Registered Nurse for over 33 years.  She has a vast amount of life experience as a wife, mother, grandmother.  She has won many awards as an attorney including Women of Justice, Superlawyer Rising Stars, MCC 2010 Alumni of the Year.

The firm provides legal services in all areas of law with a strong focus on Personal Injury, Mental Health, Estate Planning and Family Law. They have provided representation for Civil as well as Criminal Matters in all counties and courts in the Commonwealth including Federal Court. Tami offers a free consultation for most issues and would love the chance to help you transition through your legal matter. While also offering flexible hours so you don't have to miss work to meet with her! 

Remember, Tami is also a Registered Nurse and "Serves all her clients with Care and Compassion."

Contact Tami for help with your issue (978) 458-1400


Meet Pauline Monteiro, International Pyschic Medium


My readings are grounded in love and compassion. I connect with the divine higher realms to provide insight and healing. I am also driven to share with others so that they may experience transformative love in their own lives and lead a more loving, joyful and purpose filled spiritual life. I also do house parties, healings and spiritual coaching. I am an ordained minister and a perpetual student. Since childhood I have been intuitive, aware of the unseen spiritual world and have studied extensively for years.

Visit Pauline on Facebook to see the many services she offers!


InsideOut Lifestyle Soulutions February Newsletter




February isthe Month of Self Love 2


Hello, Friends!



What's New

This is our second monthly newsletter! We are very excited to provide you with information every month that is all "health & wellness" related. Our mission is to empower you with information that provides you the opportunity to change your lifestyle and optimize your health potential.

We hope to educate and inform you with all things that promote health & wellness for mind, body & soul! Each month we will be teaching various components of the InsideOut Lifestyle.

The InsideOut Lifestyle consists of the 5 M`s. Addressing the 5M`s are essential on your journey to self improvement and overall health optimization.

The InsideOut Lifestyle consists of the 5 M`s:

1.Me-self love/self care is the key to optimal psychological & overall health.
2.Meals-what you feed your body is very important. It`s literally your fuel.
3.Movement-moving your body literally optimizes the Brain-Body connection.
4.Mind-breaking old subconscious patterns is key to self improvement.
5.Money-financial health is directly related to your overall health.

By following "The InsideOut Lifestyle" you and your loved ones will be able to make the most of every day on your life journey. 70 is the new 50. Seniors are rocking their golden years spending every day not just living, but, truly alive!

This is the SECRET WEAPON. It is a simple recipe for continued good health adding years to your life and life to your years!

The first M-Me is about self love and self care and is our first teaching and is appropriate because February is the month of love. A time for Valentine`s Day and remembering love and it`s importance in our lives.
Self love is the most important.............yet it is the hardest to learn.

Here is a simple exercise that you can do to help you along the way to achieving more love towards yourself and others. Let`s spread love around the world!

The Love Meditation

To begin, sit quietly and relax. You do not have to sit cross legged if this is not a comfortable position. The important thing is to relax your body so that the mind can be free from any signals of discomfort. Work for a moment with visualization. Picture a person who you love very much. Choose just one individual who is very dear to you. Guess what? That person is YOU! Now focus your loving energies toward yourself. This focus can be intensified by looking into a mirror or by looking at a picture of yourself. Focus all your attention on the area of your chest and heart. Now, slowly replace your loving thoughts with the real sensation of feeling love, however that feels to you. (FEEL IT, DON’T THINK IT).

Continue this exercise for 24 minutes. Remember you are focusing on the real sensation of pure love, which may bring warmth and delicate vibrations, or perhaps a hint of heaviness or pain in your chest area.

You may experience feeling many sensations in the chest area. The most frequent sensations are warmth, tingling, vibration, expansion, heaviness and discomfort. All indicate the movement and concentration of energy. Pain demonstrates that your physical body needs time to adjust to the higher vibrations of your heart chakra. You may also feel that tears are running down your face. Allow them to flow, as they indicate a much needed release. As the heart exercise is repeated, the awareness of unconditional love comes more and more frequently and brings you an intense and wonderful sense of tranquility.

Repeat this exercise 3X's per day, sending love to yourself. After 5days, gradually switch to those people close to you, those who you love and of whom you are fond of. After 5-days, gradually switch to those whom you care very little, and then to people you dislike or hold grudges and carry resentment. With the latter group try to build up friendly feelings step by step before you start this meditation. Think about their better qualities and characteristics. The person you are focusing on may have a nice smile or lovely eyes, or you may admire the way he or she moves or dresses. Try to find something positive, and from this basis, build up friendly and accepting feelings. After several days of doing this exercise, you will see these people differently; they will seem much less hostile and much more like you. At this point, it will be much easier to send acceptance and unconditional love to them.

As long as there are unfriendly vibrations in your heart center, it will be difficult to pass the energy through it. Your heart chakra needs to be thoroughly cleared and open in order to play an important role in the external energy fluctuations around your body.

We have found that the first part of this practice – sending loving vibrations to someone we love, especially ourselves is simply an enhancement of everyday life. Since we do it quite often, it does not have a dramatic impact on the change of vibrations in our heart chakra. However, the second part – sending love to people with whom we have problems – can literally change our lives.


Screenshot 2020-02-06 Body Burden in Newborns pdf


A recent study by the Environmental Working Group detected 287 commercial chemicals, pesticides, and pollutants in the umbilical cord blood from 10 newborn infants, randomly selected by the Red Cross from U.S. hospitals.
The study confirms that even before birth, a child is exposed to hundreds of chemical compounds, many of which could harm that child’s health and development.


toxic 4 - Copy

Try and eat clean by buying organic meats, vegetables and fruits. If you can`t make sure you thoroughly wash your fruits and veggies with a natural home made veggie and fruit wash. Click the pink highlighted words to go to the recipe.
Up your water intake with lemon to help flush out toxins and cleanse your liver.
Exercise and sweat. A hot bath with Epsom salts draws out toxins and puts much needed magnesium back into your system.
Steam room/ Sauna to sweat out toxins followed by a cold shower to close your pores.


shutterstock 1372430750

What are the benefits of sauna and steam room?

Removes Toxins: The heat from sauna and steam rooms makes your body sweat. Sweating relieves the body of waste products, and it is known that sitting in a sauna or steam room for around twenty minutes can rid the body of the day's accumulated toxic load.



InsideOut Cold Water Protocol

Start with shower at your normal temperature and gradually make the water colder to tolerance. Build up over a few weeks to where you are able to tolerate the coldest setting for up to 5 minutes.
It’s important to spray the water on your crown chakra which at the crown of your head. Position your head so the water falls on your face and you ears and behind them. It’s also important to keep your mouth open and allow some of the cold water to enter your mouth so you can swallow some.
The position of your head to allow water on your face in your mouth and on and behind your ears is important as these areas have direct Vagal nerve stimulation.
When the Vagal nerve is stimulated your nervous system goes into parasympathetic.(rest, digest, relaxation, repair and rejuvenation)



Roasted Squash and Sweet Potatoes

Prep Time
30 minutes
Cook Time
40 minutes
Inactive Time
40 minutes
Total Time
1 hour 50 minutes


1-2 butternut squash, peeled and cubed

1 acorn squash, peeled and cubed

2 sweet potatoes, peeled and cubed

1 medium onion, peeled and chopped

3 garlic cloves, peeled diced or pressed.

3 Tbs Extra Virgin Olive Oil (three turns of the wrist in the bowl)

1 Tbs Sea Salt

1 tsp garlic powder

1 tsp onion powder

1 tsp pepper

1 tsp turmeric

1 tsp cayenne

1 tsp cumin

1 tsp brown sugar
All organic spices if possible.

Preheat oven to 425.
Peel and chop all the veggies and throw them in a large bowl (the peeling will take a long time with the squash).
After all the veggies and onion and garlic are in a bowl pour extra virgin olive oil in - about three turns of the bowl.
Add the seasonings and then stir. Lay out on lined baking sheet. Bake for 20 minutes, then turn veggies over and bake for another 20 minutes. My veggies usually take anywhere from 35 to 50 minutes. Poke a fork into the veggies to test if done -the veggies should be soft and not hard anymore (don't over bake because they'll get mushy). Spoon veggies into a bowl and enjoy!


IMG 2790

Click to watch video

Customer of The Month
Mark Wholley has had great success with our CBD for chronic shoulder pain. Listen to his video by clicking on his picture. Mark also said, "I placed a recent order via their website. Received immediate confirmation of the order and a shipping confirmation the next day. I placed my order on a Tuesday afternoon and received my order on Friday of the same week. Pretty fast shipment, and the packaging was well done, no chance of the bottles breaking during shipment."

Update: "I have now been using this product for approximately 6 months. I have been using CBD product since 2017, there’s a lot out there to pick from and there’s a lot of low quality product. I am very happy with the results, I am getting from this product, it has been working well from the start. I have been comparing the lots (batch) that I have gotten and the product has been consistent on all of them proving (to me) the efficacy of this product. I was using a lot of pain medications and muscle relaxers to combat chronic shoulder and joint pain which were becoming less effective. In late 2017 I started using CBD oils and topicals to see if t could help with the pain. Within two months of using CBD regularly I stopped taking all pain meds, prescribed and OTC. I have since not used anything else for pain management."



Valentines Day Special Offer

Buy two jars of InsideOut Pain Rub and get a third one free! A savings of $49.99 plus free shipping!
Add 3 jars of our pain rub to your cart. Copy and paste the promo code BUY2FREEJAR and add to promo code box at checkout. Hit apply and you will see your discount of $49.99. Complete checkout. This promo will be live until Sunday February 16th at midnight so take advantage of an extra jar!




InsideOut Nation is a private FaceBook group of like minded people and will provide our tribe with information that is all "health & wellness" related. Our mission is to empower you with information that provides you the opportunity to change your lifestyle and optimize your health potential. We will be teaching the 5M`s of the InsideOut Lifestyle in a more in depth manner using videos and FB live events as well as webinars and much more. Members can ask questions and have other InsideOuter`s share their wisdom and knowledge.

We hope to educate and inform you with all things that promote health & wellness for mind, body & soul!

Our Motto is;
Encourage, inspire and Empower!





Love & Peace, Drs` Deb & Doug


InsideOut Soulutions Graphic1024x768 04


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Have You Looked at Lawrence General Hospital Lately?


Serving nearly 325,000 patients annually, Lawrence General Hospital is driven by our mission of improving the health of the people and communities we serve. We are committed to delivering comprehensive health care to patients, as well as ensuring access to high-quality care, the latest technologies and caring, personalized treatment.

In addition to nearly 600 local providers, Lawrence General offers physicians, specialists and services on-site from a variety of tertiary clinical partners, including Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and Floating Hospital for Children at Tufts Medical Center. As the Merrimack Valley’s leading regional health care system, Lawrence General is committed to enhancing the delivery and coordination of care, and to improving health outcomes for patients and communities served.

Lawrence General's commitment to the health needs of the community is guided by a dedicated and enthusiastic Board of Trustees from our service area, and carried out by over 2,000 employees, nearly 600 providers and 454 volunteers. Lawrence General Hospital is clinically affiliated with Floating Hospital for Children at Tufts Medical Center for pediatrics and Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center.

Lawrence General Hospital is located at:
1 General Street
Lawrence, MA 01842-0389

Hourly Rental Space Available in Windham,NH for Weekly Classes or Meetings

Hourly rental space available in Windham,NH for weekly classes or meetings. Space ideal for parent/tot music movement class, Ballroom or specialty classes. Room has mirrors, heat and air conditioning. Open on weekends , mid-day during the week and Fridays after 10AM. Close to 93, great parking, bathroom access.

Contact or 603-490-4692.