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Networking Success Story - Rob Chase - A Classic Touch Celebration

My celebration of life company focuses heavily on care giving and fostering relationships between my company and my clients as well as the business partners that I work with to provide these services.  My company provides a new type of service to the public that, up until now, most people had to provide for themselves.  Therefore, I knew right from the beginning that one of the major challenges that I’d face would be in educating the general public and other businesses in what it is that my company offers.  I have used business networking in the past to help me grow my other business (I am also an attorney), so I knew that I would need to do the same to grow my new celebration of life company.  There are many different kinds of networking groups out there.  Some are more structured and rigid in their format, while others are very informal.  They all have their pros and cons. 

I met Kevin Willett at another networking group.  What impressed me about him and his group, Friends of Kevin, was the amount of business contacts to which both he and his group had access.  Kevin is very dedicated in fostering relationships between businesses as well as consumers.  He spends an exceedingly large amount of his time bringing consumers and businesses together, matching the needs of one to the offerings of the other.  When I decided to expand the services offered by my company, Kevin was able to provide me with the right business contacts to help me provide these new services at a high level of quality.  I, in turn, am able to refer the businesses and consumers with which I do business to other trusted professionals that are in my networking sphere.  All of this has been made possible through my association with Friends of Kevin.

Robert D. Chase

A Classic Touch Celebration, Inc.