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Friends of Kevin Online Networking Event - August 1st at 7pm

Friends of Kevin Online Networking Event -  August 1st at 7pm

The Friends of Kevin Networking Group will be hosting an online networking event on August 1st at 7pm. Space is limited to 9 people and you must pre-register to attend.

What you need to participate:

You need to have a Google+ account

You need a computer or tablet with a camera and microphone

You need a Headset to eliminate background noise.

How it works:

Each participant will receive 5 minutes to speak. Please send me 3 questions to ask you about your business. We will then have 15 minutes for questions at the end. The event starts right at 7pm so please sign on at about 650pm to make sure that you don’t experience any technical difficulties. The event will be recorded and posted to youtube, facebook, twitter and linkedin to help promote your business.


The cost to attend is $10.00

Link to register

Things to remember

Please remember we are recording the event and that you are always on the screen so please don’t leave the room.

Be cautious of what is behind you when you attend the online events. You want to make sure that it looks professional.


Please be cautious of your family and pets making noise in the background. I really need you to find a quiet place to attend the events.

Friends of Kevin Networking Group Announces Online Video Networking Events

The Friends of Kevin Networking group will now be hosting online video networking events. The events will be limited to nine participants. I will ask each person two or three questions about their business to best highlight them to the group.  (We will discuss the questions before the event) The networking events will be recorded and shared with my over 10,000 social media followers and the participants will be encouraged to share the recording with their followers to help promote each others business. The cost to be a participant is only $15.00. To learn more please email me at